Introducing AITO’s partnership with Fenix Carbon

In 2021, to take climate action and use tourism as a force for good, AITO together with 500 other companies from the travel industry signed the Declaration of Glasgow at COP26. It made the travel industry one of the leading advocates for tackling climate change, and committed to five essential steps: Measure, decarbonize, regenerate, collaborate and finance. Carbon offsets can play a role in fulfilling this commitment.

January 26th 2023 Thomas Herry

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Fenis -AITO Project

What are carbon offsets, and how can we use them?

Carbon offsets are certificates that represent the reduction of one tonne of carbon (or CO2) from the atmosphere. They are issued by projects taking action to reduce carbon emissions: for example, by planting trees, preserving forests, or generating electricity from natural sources like wind and water. By buying these credits, companies can compensate for emissions they cannot cut themselves.

With many of its members keen to take action, AITO has set up a process to make this as easy as possible. The partnership with Fenix Carbon offers access for all AITO members to a dedicated portfolio of high quality carbon offsets that can be used to go carbon neutral, as well as offering customers carbon neutral travel packages.

Who are Fenix Carbon?

Fenix Carbon who we are

Fenix Carbon is a carbon offset specialist who have built a network of over 100 project developers across the globe. This allows them to bring some of the best carbon reduction projects directly to its customers, cutting out the middlemen who otherwise exploit the market for their own gain.

All projects are carefully and continuously vetted through a five-step quality process. In addition, its customer dashboard provides clients with all the necessary documents to back their carbon neutrality claims. So not only can you offset your carbon; you can prove it, too.

How does the partnership work?

Together with the AITO Council, Fenix Carbon has created a dedicated AITO portfolio for members, accessible here. It means you can buy carbon offsets:

  1. In just a few clicks. We know AITO members are busy and often manage sustainability in their spare time. This dedicated page enables you to buy the number of carbon offsets you need in less than a minute.
  2. At a fixed price. Fenix Carbon guarantees that a high-quality portfolio will be available at all times at a set price of £8.25 per tonne of CO2. This way, AITO members can price their offsets in when quoting customers, knowing they won’t be out of pocket.
  3. With all the marketing collateral you need. Fenix will provide you with assets, including branding, to update your website and communicate with your customers on your sustainability initiative. Here are a couple of examples from other AITO members, Fleewinter and Casas Cantabricas.
Fenix Portfolio Breakdown

How do I get started?

Any AITO member can access the AITO portfolio and buy online. To get started, create an account here (it takes less than a minute). If you’d like some help, you can book an onboarding call with a Fenix Carbon team member by sending an email to

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